Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1 Any queries regarding the Terms and Conditions should be raised with the Promoter/s prior to purchase. It is understood that the completion of purchase, and/or use, of a ticket/s, to any Event/s, Concert/s organized by the Promoter /s confirms the Ticket Holder’s understanding and acceptance of the Full Terms and Conditions of the Promoter/s and as such cannot be contested at a later date. The ticket/s, remain the property of the Promoter/s until the Event/s, Concert/s has taken place.

2 The Ticket Holder undertakes to observe and uphold all the terms and conditions of the Promoter/s, including updates, amendments, additional directives and statements of the Promoter/s at all times. All directives and statements printed on the tickets, posted or announced at the Event/s, Concert/s form part of the Promoter/s Full Terms and Conditions. In the instance of a breach of this undertaking the Promoter/s reserves the right to cancel the ticket/s and eject the offender/s and retain all monies paid.

3 The Promoter/s reserve the right to amend event schedules, performance timings (advertised or otherwise) and advertised programmed content, without prior notice and without liability. The Promoter/s reserves the right to alter and amend the advertised performers, without prior notice and without liability. In the case the advertised artiste/group are sick, injured, or is a no-show, the Promoter/s will not be held liable for any changes to the performers line-up.

4  Tickets purchased are non-refundable. Refunds will only be given in the unlikely event that the event is cancelled due to lack of support [See condition 12].

5 The Ticket Holder or Wristband Holder agrees to indemnify the Promoter/s against any loss, injury or damage caused to themselves or others by their own actions, negligence and/or nuisance or by any other person in their care and/or belonging/s in their possession. Purchase of ticket/s releases the Promoter/s from any form of Public liability, including personal injury in any part of the venue. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder/s to be vigilant and careful at all times, including entering the venue, climbing steps, walking down steps, during the concert and interval and when exiting. The Promoter/s are not liable under any circumstances for injuries or loss by the ticket holder/s or any other person/s in the venues advertised. Also it is not the responsibility of the promoters to provide medical, paramedic or ambulance services at any event with less than 700 ticket holders or wristband holders. The ticket holder and wristband holder by purchasing ticket/s accepts the conditions outlined in section 4 and 5 of Terms and Conditions.

Children under age 12 have free entry and no ticket is required. However, for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, despite no ticket requirement, children will be classed as ticket holders.

6 The Promoter/s reserves the right to refuse admission, void tickets and / or eject, without refund, any person/s who, refuse a security (person and/or belongings) search, fails to produce proof of identity or age, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or in their opinion, may provoke a breach of the peace, jeopardize the safety and/or enjoyment of others, or damage the fame and reputation of the Event/s.

7 PROVISION OF SPACE TO PARK VEHICLES; Wherever possible, a vehicle parking space may be made available by the Promoter/s but without guarantee and liability. Persons utilizing a vehicle parking space provided by the Promoter/s, whether charged for or not, do so entirely at their own risk. The Promoter/s will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any vehicle parking spaces / services / facilities provided by the Venue.  Nor will the Promoter/s be responsible for the safety of any vehicle, nor for any contents left in any vehicle.

8a PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO & AUDIO RECORDING; Pocket sized mobile phones with Integral cameras are permitted. Pocket sized mobile phones with integral, short run video facility are permitted. Small hand held, snapshot type personal cameras with or without integral, retractable lenses are permitted.

8b Unauthorized photography, video, audio recording, broadcasting or transmission of the Event/s, the Concert/s, the performers and the performance in the course of business, for professional purposes or financial gain is strictly forbidden.

9 Ticket Holders consent to being photographed, filmed and sound recorded as an audience without payment, and to their image being used by the Promoter/s in any matters relating to the Event and any future promotions.

10 INCLEMENT WEATHER; All scheduled open-air Event/s, Concert/s will proceed in inclement weather. Ticket Holders are advised to make their own, appropriate arrangements to protect themselves against the weather conditions.

11 UMBRELLAS BROUGHT into the performance areas, auditoriums, and ampthitheatres are permitted at the point of entry, without onus of safe keeping or liability to the Promoter/s. The ticket holder/s are responsible not to obstruct the view of any other ticket holder/s when using umbrellas. Also the Promoter/s take no responsibility for injury caused by ticket holder/s to other persons when umbrellas are in use. The ticket holder/s accepts full liability for any damage or injury caused to themselves or to others in incidents involving the umbrella within these areas, rendering the Promoter/s free from any liability whatsoever in any related incident.

12 Should it occur that the Event is cancelled through lack of support, only the face value of the ticket may be refunded by the Promoter/s. Free tickets, complimentary tickets, or tickets won as a raffle or other prize are non-refundable under any circumstances.  Any booking fees and/or charges are not the responsibility of the Promoter/s. To obtain a refund, the original ticket must be surrendered to the Promoter/s or their authorized outlet or agent.

13 Unless stated otherwise, All the Event/s, Concert/s are by general admission and no numbered seating is provided. The reserving of, or the preparing of areas for later occupation, or the construction of boundary markers at any time, is not permitted. The Promoter/s reserves the right to dismantle any area, which in their opinion has been reserved. Any equipment, property or items therein may be moved away, at the owner’s risk.

14 It is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to have on their person a valid ticket or official wristband at the Event at all times. Failure to produce the appropriate valid ticket or official wristband, when so requested by the agents of the Promoter/s, may result in the person being ejected from the event, without later claim or compensation.

15 The following items and activities are PROHIBITTED inside the Venue / Site, Car Parks, performance areas, auditoriums and amphitheatres and all other associated areas for the duration of ALL outdoor events organised by the Promoter/s: – BALL GAMES, FRISBEES and similar activities.

–  WHISTLES, LASERS OR SHARP OBJECTS, WEAPONS OR ITEMS THAT CAN BE USED AS WEAPONS, UNLICENSED OR COUNTERFEIT CONCERT / ARTISTE MERCHANDISE. PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES (Legal Highs) and ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. Or any other item that the Promoter/s may consider unsuitable or unsafe. Psychoactive Substances and Illegal substances, prohibited or unsafe items will be confiscated at the owner’s own risk and without onus of safekeeping or liability to the Promoter/s. NO ANIMALS, excepting registered assistance dogs. If in doubt about prohibited or permitted items please enquire at the point of ticket purchase.

– NO glass items of any description are permitted anywhere within the Venue.

NO bottles (except plastic bottles of water or non alcoholic drink per person).

NO cool boxes or hampers in venues (except Pissouri Amphitheatre).

– NO rucksacks, hold-alls or large bags in venues (except Pissouri Amphitheatre).


16 DO NOT PURCHASE FROM UNOFFICIAL WEBSITES / BOX OFFICES / TOUTS, beware of ticket fraud and overcharging? The Promoter/s do not recognize nor support the secondary ticket market. The Promoters DO NOT sell tickets above the advertised face value. The Promoter/s are not responsible to nor liable in anyway whatsoever to provide entry to the Event, or any service / concert as advertised / at the Event / at the Venue, to the purchaser or person/s in possession of a ticket obtained from any source other than the Promoter/s’ authorized, official ticket outlets. All tickets are non-transferable and rights of entitlement are only applicable to the bona-fide, original purchaser. TICKETS MAY NOT BE SOLD ON AT A PROFIT OR EXCHANGED IN RETURN FOR GAIN OBTAINED THROUGH GRACE AND FAVOUR DURING THE COURSE OF BUSINESS, without the written permission of the Promoter/s.

17 LATE ARRIVAL It is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to plan their journey allowing sufficient time for unexpected occurrences, weather conditions, traffic congestion en-route and in the vicinity of the Venue, to arrive at the venue in time for the performance. It is not the Promoter/s responsibility to advise / inform the Ticket Holder of any road works, incident or occurrence that may delay the Ticket Holder’s arrival at the Venue. Although every effort is made to run to schedule, the advertised performance / concert timings may be brought forward or delayed without notice. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Promoter/s refund or compensate for late or non-arrivals or any amendment to the artistes or advertised performance times, howsoever caused.

18 SPECIAL NEEDS please inquire by calling 96-818066 for services provided. Where possible and appropriate, disabled parking spaces and disabled / wheelchair lavatory facilities will be available. A WHEELCHAIR VIEWING Point may be available. At selected events, spaces on the wheelchair viewing point (including carers) must be pre booked. Customers are advised to check availability of space before booking their event ticket. Should no spaces be available wheelchair users and their carers may, if they so wish, attend the Event, Concert but cannot be guaranteed a place on the wheelchair viewing point. Subject to space being available, ONLY ONE CARER (over 18yrs old) per wheelchair user may be allowed access to this facility, but this cannot be guaranteed. Additional able bodied Ticket Holder/s in the same party are not allowed access to the wheelchair viewing points. It is the wheelchair user or their carer’s responsibility to make alternative arrangements for friends off the viewing point to another part of the venue. Able-bodied Ticket Holder/s who abuse this facility will be ejected from the Venue, Site, Event, Concert without refund or recourse.

Where Wheelchairs are mentioned, these are also deemed to include motorized invalid scooters.

AMBULANT DISABILITIES, RESTRICTED MOBILITY, MEDICAL CONDITIONS & ADVANCED PREGNANCY.  Except for wheelchair users, the Promoter/s do not provide special / adapted areas or services. Ticket Holder/s not confined to a wheelchair or their designated carer will not be allowed access to the wheelchair area. Some Events, Concerts, may be unsuitable for advance pregnancy or people unable to sit on a cushion on the steps for long periods. It is the purchaser / Ticket Holder/s responsibility to determine the suitability of the selected Event, Concert and to make their own arrangements, within the Terms and Conditions of the Promoter/s, to suit their needs. The Promoter/s will not be liable in any way whatsoever should the Ticket Holder/s decide, after purchasing a ticket, that the Venue, Event, and/or Concert is, or may be, unsuitable for their needs.

Cushions or reasonable alternative seating may be used at the Ticket Holder/s owner’s risk and can only be sited on the front perimeter of the amphitheatre steps (unless there is plenty of room due to small numbers). Ticket Holder/s are warned of the potential viewing restrictions when seated on the bottom 2 rows of the amphitheatres due to dancers. Therefore it is advised that if you do not intend to dance you should proceed to another level of the amphitheatre. Ticket holders who would like to dance are advised to occupy the bottom 3 rows of the amphitheatre. This will guarantee easy access to the dance floor without infringing on others comfort and views of the stage. If however the ticket holder/s has restricted mobility but does not require a wheelchair and needs to sit on the first row then it is the responsibility of the ticket holder/s to contact the PROMOTER/S direct on 96-818066 for possible options for a satisfactory viewing experience. It is the right of the PROMOTER/S to allocate steps to restricted mobility ticket holders (without wheelchairs) at the front. There are limited seating spaces on these levels so it is adviseable that ticket holders make prior arrangements with the PROMOTER/S. It is not the responsibility of the PROMOTER/S to provide seating for restricted mobility or other disabled ticket holders if the ticket holder/s have not made prior arrangements.

  1. 19. FORCE MAJEURE: The Promoter/s reserves the rights to cancel, postpone or abandon the Event/s because of circumstances beyond their control and without any refund or recourse whatsoever.

It is understood that the completion of purchase, and/or use, of a ticket/s, to any Event/s, Concert/s, organized or owned by the Promoter /s confirms the Ticket Holder’s understanding and acceptance of the Full Terms and Conditions of the Promoter/s and as such cannot be contested at a later date.


LOST, MISPLACED OR DAMAGED TICKETS / WRISTBANDS will not be replaced under any circumstances.  WARNINGS: The Promoter/s may, at their discretion, operate CCTV at the Event/s Concert/s. Exposure to amplified sound may cause damage to hearing. Strobe lighting, smoke and special effects may be used in the production of the Event/s, Concert.

Ticket holder/s are not permitted on stage at anytime or to touch or interfere in any way with any equipment at the concerts. Failure to comply will result in the ticket holder/s removal and no refund will be given.

CUSHIONS – Ticket holders should bring their own cushions to Tala Amphitheatre and Pissouri Amphitheatre.   Reasonable alternative seating will be allowed into the amphitheatres at the discretion of the staff on the door.

CHILDREN – Children under 12 years of age are admitted free of charge.  Unaccompanied children will not be admitted under any circumstances. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, children will be classed as ticket holders.  The ticket holder/s accompanying the child/ren will be responsible for the behaviour of the child/ren at all times and must respect the rights of other attendees at the Event or Concert to enjoy the occasion, and not to jeopardise their safety.  Child/ren must not be allowed to go onto the stage or touch or interfere with any equipment, and assistance must be given by the ticket holder/s to ensure the child/ren safe access to all areas of the venue.  Further unaccompanied children must not be allowed to move out of sight of the ticket holder/s.

SMOKING – Smoking is not permitted in the seating or dance area of any venue.  Smokers should please dispose of cigarette butts and/or spent matches responsibly.

RUBBISH – Please take any rubbish with you when leaving the amphitheatre venues. Bins are provided at the exits.