2018 Concerts

Amazing Concerts in 2018

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Little Eagle concerts 2018 - Kendall Events

The Eagles by Little Eagle “duo” (December 2017)

  • Friday 15th – King Solomon in Coral Bay

  • Saturday 16th – Acropolis Tavern in Tremithousa

  • Sunday 17th – Platea Restaurant

  • Tuesday 19th – TBC

George Michael concerts 2018 - Kendall Events

George Michael (June)

  • Friday 8th – Pissouri

  • Saturday 9th – Tala

  • Sunday 10th – TBC

Simon Garfunkel concerts 2018 - Kendall Events

Simon & Garfunkel (June)

  • Friday 22nd – Pissouri

  • Saturday 23rd – Tala

  • Sunday 24th – TBC

Beach Boys concerts 2018 - Kendall Events

The Beach Boys (July)

  • Friday 20th – TBC

  • Saturday 21st – TBC

  • Sunday 22nd – TBC

  • Tuesday 24th – TBC

Dire Straits concerts 2018 - Kendall Events

Dire Straits (August & September)

  • Friday 31st August at Pissouri amphitheatre

  • Saturday 1st September at Tala amphitheatre

  • Sunday 2nd September at Tala amphitheatre

  • Tuesday 4th September (TBA)

“Undoubtedly the best Dire Straits tribute in Europe”

Money for Nothing was formed in 2000 as a tribute to one of the world’s premier rock bands – Dire Straits. The abundant energy and the excellence and musicality of their performance makes Money For Nothing a “must see” for any rock enthusiast or Dire Straits fan. Fronting the band is the brilliant guitarist and Mark Knopfler sound-alike Aled Williams. Behind him the line-up features top-class and experienced musicians that make this band a worthy tribute to Dire Straits. Aled and all the band have studied Dire Straits in great depth to re-create their tribute to be as close as possible to the real thing.

Make no mistake, they are good, very good“- The Observer

Madness concerts 2018 - Kendall Events

Madness (September & October)

  • Friday 28th – Pissouri

  • Saturday 29th – Tala

  • Sunday 30th – Tala